Conquer Manufactory Limited is a metal factory specializing in metal production and surface treatment.  Our product lines include cufflinks, DIY products, fashion jewelry, handbag & shoe accessories, key rings, scrapbooking and various kinds of metal and plastic goods.   We provide metal forming processes like stamping, die-casting, spin casting,  lost-wax casting, and also plastic injection moulding.  We also provide various kinds of surface treatments including polishing, electroplating, paint spraying, resin, enamel & epoxy application, and many others.  The most commonly used metals in our factory are aluminium, brass, iron, tin alloy, silver, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

We have been in the metal manufactory industry for over 20 years.  Our factories locate in Dong Guan and Shen Zhen of China.  Currently, we are producing millions of metal products for both domestic and overseas markets annually.  Our company mission is to be flexible on production planning, quick response to our clients, and on-time delivery.  Our vision is to provide the best quality and service for you!

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Factory Tour

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Design Department
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Wax Tree
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Stone Setting
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